NEW MOB - Capturing Players Max Hit Points

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NEW MOB - Capturing Players Max Hit Points

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There's a new mob that has taken a room in the Queen's Blessing over in Caemlyn. It will look you over and capture every aspect of your character (Current level and current max hit points).

Its purpose is so that players can snapshot their current level and max hit points and have it saved somewhere before taking a Christmas gift that sets them back to 1. If you roll better then that's great! If you fall short then no worries. Your previous max hit points can be pulled up and steps can be taken to set you back on your former glory.

You will need to strip down and wear absolutely nothing or else the mob will wag a finger at you. A wardrobe has been provided to store your things for you packrats out there.

Below is a look of the mob in question [A long-nosed historian tapping a finger on their chin wanders back and forth here.]. As well as the process in action. Please notify me if you run into any issues interacting with the mob. I will get to it as soon as I can.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A Room of the Queen's Blessing
A wide double bed of Shienar wood stands in the center of the room. Dark wood
pillars rise from each corner of the bed and it is covered in a white feather
coverlet. A few small rugs are scattered around the room. Also in the dark
Shienar wood, a washstand stands against one wall with a basin and pitcher of
stone resting on it and a mirror set into the wood. Lamps stand around the
room providing light.
[ Exits: s ]
A large wardrobe rests against the wall.
A long-nosed historian tapping a finger on their chin wanders back and forth here.

A long-nosed historian lifts their attention up from the pages of a book and glances your way.

a long-nosed historian tells you, 'You there! If you have a moment would you let me examine you?'

a long-nosed historian tells you, 'Good! I'll just need you to strip out of -all- your clothes.'

a long-nosed historian tells you, 'There should be a wardrobe around here that you can store your things in.'

a long-nosed historian tells you, 'When you're ready, just say 'ready to go'!'
a long-nosed historian tells you, 'And please! Do not move while I examine you!'

Notice: This is totally voluntary and it is for the purpose of recording your
current level as well as your maximum health points. It's suggested you seek
out a historian once you've reached your max possible level. If you record your
level and maximum health points at a lower level and then exceed that level
when re-leveling, we cannot guarantee that we can set your health points since
there may be some unforeseen conflicts.

Make sure to seek out some help if for instance you record your health points
at level 41 and you have just reached that level. Also know that if you roll
a higher maximum health point pool then you can re-examine yourself to overwrite
what the historian has recorded. The purpose of this system is so that you can
avoid re-leveling and attaining a lower health point pool. This helps us be able
to set your previous maximum health points.

You say, 'ready to go'

Saving Keruktest and aliases.

A long-nosed historian begins jotting down notes furiously after examining Keruktest through and through.

A long-nosed historian says, 'There, there! Your physique is now catalogued in the annals of history!'
A long-nosed historian says, 'Do come again and I'll examine every inch of you if you require me to update the records.'

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