My two cents...

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My two cents...

Post by Viladin »

Things I would like to see:

More help files.

Newbie-friendly zones (both light and dark side)

More color with the room descriptions.

More help files.

Maybe a starting map of the area you start in. Recognizable trainers.

Less dark rooms or more torches or even a starting torch.

More help files.

A skill list.

An npc or a sign to tell newbies where to go for the first few levels.

More help files.

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Re: My two cents...

Post by Shawnyve »

Thanks for the feedback Viladin. Let me address a few of those.

Help files, yes desperately need and something i'm actually going to tackle now. Its worked its way to the top of my massive todo list finally :)

Dark rooms/light. We just brought in an overhauled code with can_see/lights/weather yesterday. We've got some issues to over come with it so we appreciate everyones patience with the crashes and lighting issue. we are working on it.

Newbie friendly stuff, we have a newbie zone for trollocs that should get you a few levels and teach you stuff however, the Trolloc race is marked hard/experianced players needed to survive. There are more things I know we need to add to it. its a work in progress.

We have a map cmd to show you the area around you, including where your corpse is when you die.

The rest of it, skill list, trainers etc well its PAFO. If we hand you all the info on where to go, what to do..well whats the point in playing? It would be boring.

color in descriptions, not sure what you mean by this one. can you elaborate?
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