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Changes in Progress

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As some of you are already aware, a lot of attention is going to be paid to the Aiel side over the coming year.

First thing to get looking over is the Warrior Societies. More methods of obtaining CP's are being put in, some rank titles are getting changed, and Master Prac mobs that have been removed will be going back in.
This will lead to some oddities in Clans and/or Septs appearing to change on your character sheets. Refer this to me or Niila to have them set right again.
Also ranking in Sept and Clan (not society) will be markedly differently to what it was (though not any faster).

Access across the Alguenya river is now possible via ferries.

More SMOB's will be going in and some of the older ones reworked a little.

Please keep in mind the following:

- RP from aiel is not an option, it's expected. There wont be penalties for not doing it, there may be rewards for doing it though.

- This is not a time line shift. Mirrors is not the world of the books, it's a portal world. This is not an indication of the Dragon being reborn. It's a divergence from the events of the true (novel) world.

- Wetlanders are still not meant to be in the Aiel Waste unless a tinker, peddler, or merchant with an Aiel guide. This applies also to members of the Cairhien Elite.

- Aiel using this as an excuse to 'test' their combat abilities against Wetlanders will find themselves in trouble unless they were attacked first.

- Wearing your veil while around many Wetlander mobs may see you getting knocked around.
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