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National Clans

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I have recently gotten a few questions about how to rank up in national clan and I had troubles finding much information on the forums or discord so I decided I would poke around and put all of the information in a centralized place to hopefully make things easier.

National clans are chosen upon character creation and are one of main clan types one can progress in. In order to rank, you will need to find your national embassy in Tar Valon. There are a few ways that you can rank in your national clan and I have detailed them below:

Option 1: Notations
Similar to military clans, you can turn in shadowspawn and criminal notations for CP. Though do keep in mind that it requires more notations per cp when compared to other clans. To turn in notations, say report.

Option 2: Investment
You can invest gold into the nation by using saying investment. The cost per CP starts at 4000 coins, but increases per rank.

Option 3: Rumors
This method is a bit more tricky, and I do not want to echo previously given information here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1658

One thing to note, is if the rumors are foreign (which most likely they are) they will only give coins and exp. This is being looked at and may change in the future.

Option 4: Timed CPs/Fame Votes
As it is with any clan, if you set your fame clan to your national clan you will earn CPs through timed cps and fame votes. Help fame in game for more.

So after reading this you may be wondering what perks comes with ranking in national clan? Well at this time, not many. One perk is it is a way to become nobility without joining a nobility clan. If you have ideas for perks, let me know!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me either here or Discord and I am happy to help.
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