National and Nobility Clans

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National and Nobility Clans

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Hi all,

Many folks have asked us about national and nobility clans currently and in the past, and I am excited to announce a revamp that works to intertwine the two as well as provide some rewards for advancement.

From here on out, if you would like to become a noble there are one of two options:

1. You can join an existing house
2. You can form your own house.

To join an existing house, you need to rank in your national clan to rank 6, Lesser Lord, and then you can join an existing noble clan. You will automatically be ranked 6, Supplicant Lord. From here, if the clan is built you may progress as normal. If not, we will create an estate for you based on pre-existing estates and ensure there is a means of advancement within the clan.

To create your own noble house, you will need to reach rank 7, or have the startup investment cost (2,778,000 coins), in national clan and then reach out to an immortal about starting your own House. From here you are formally acknowledged by the Imms in your nobility, and you get a 3-room manor with a few retainers/house guards, and a personalized signet ring.

If you are wondering about how to rank in national clans, please see this post: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2292

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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