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Re: Upcoming code changes

Post by Niila »

2022-01-02 Christmas Tidings!
- Christmas Gifts have been codified:
* You can find them in character menu, for each character
* You'll be eligible for a gift if
o You're MAX level (51, 54, 57 or 60 respectively, depending on your own max level)
o Or you're your current max level, MIN level of 40 (so if you're 40 and never been past that.. it's enough)
o You haven't already taken a gift
* Channelers have different menu than everyone else, with their own selections. Everyone else, has the same options
* NOTE: Fades shouldn't pick a talent. You won't get any of the choices. Take levels. You already get a talent
* NOTE: Trollocs shouldn't try to pick blademaster talents. You'll just get to level 1 and gain nothing. Don't do it.
* NOTE: Aiel can't be wolfkin. Don't pick that choice, people, if you're Aiel!
* NOTE: You can't take channeler talent if you've bladeforms above circle 5. You've been warned.
* NOTE: Picking a talent if you already HAVE a talent will override your current talent. BE CAREFUL! NO REFUNDS!
* NOTE: If you're dreaming of the Oracle talent, the only way to get that is the random talent choice.
* NOTE: If you get no talent if you do random_talent choice, you get extraordinary luck as compensation.
* DISCLAIMER: Your max_hp isn't going to be tracked at this time, so if you want to preserve your hps, it's
probably best you don't take a gift at this time

- New talents:
* Master talent, allows you to master skills with the 'master' command, if you have trained the skill a little
* Weaponsmaster, trained weapons no longer take practices, you've slightly better accuracy and damage with all weapons
* Formmaster prodigy, you can learn forms without a master up to circle 5 on your own, choosable from the 5 paths.
* Duality of mind, allow to switch form philosophy between creative and emotionless on the fly
* Multipath, allow to have two different forms paths trained and switch between them at will
* NOTE: You can use the talentupdate command to try to roll for one of these on old characters
* NOTE: New characters roll for these talents upon reaching level 15 if they did not get any other talent
* NOTE: You can also roll Sniffer, but the code for that is still being worked on

- Fades automaticly get duality of mind talent

Also huge shout out to Keruk for prodigy messages. It's all his handiwork!
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Re: Upcoming code changes

Post by Niila »


- Clans with NOCOUNT flag will show ?? in the clan list instead of the number
of members.


- Commands and weaves that worked on a radius will no longer lag the mud.
These include: sense, weave, where, and yell, and weaves such as birdcall.
If you notice any difference in behavior with these commands let us know.
- Dust and create fog will now use similar radius producing effects.
- Puddles created by the weave 'create water' will now disappear after a bit.
- Ram of air will not crash the mud if the door it opens doesn't have a name
on the other side.
- Teach and learn have been revised considerably. If you channel saidin
and try to teach someone who channels saidar, or vice versa, you will not
succeed. Cross race teaching is also disabled.


- Fixed an issue where blademaster prodigy talent was unable to pick emotionless as philosophy


- Tells sent to idle immortals will now let you know if they've been idle for more than 30 minutes.


- If you end your prompt with a single % it will not crash us anymore.


- SOME mobiles (not all) will act more frequently than in the past.
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Re: Upcoming code changes

Post by Niila »


- Bladeform paths have received changes:
* Way of the Wind now has reduced cost on movement points
* Path of Water helps you avoid forms better, in addition to helping counter them
* Mo'kai'la has higher chance of success in excuting forms
* Ravage now executes faster
* Ravage no longer hits everyone, but is classified the same as other MULTI OPPONENT paths

Other paths retain their previous mechanics.

- Bladeform maximum trainable percentage has been changed
* Now you can get to 85 + circle*2 until circle 5
* After circle 5, you'll gain +1 to your forms max
= So for circle 5, you'll have max of 95
= If you had circle 8 for example, you'd have 85+10+3 = 98.

This change was made as many felt like forms chance of success was too low and prodigy was considered to be 'too much better than the rest'. Now everyone gets it semi high, so the gap between prodigy and non-prodigy is much less.
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