Forget and weaves

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Forget and weaves

Post by Auri »

Today I decided to "forget" Earth Missile so that I could train it back up.

I enter: forget earth mieeile

What returns is this:

You will now forget 'Earth Spike'.
You will now forget 'Riven Earth'.
You will now forget 'Acid Rain'.
You will now forget 'Earth Missile'.

The thing is, "practice" does not show Earth Spike or Riven Earth on my list of weaves. If I try to weave either, I receive the standard "You have no idea how to weave that" message.

More interestingly, it can also be used to "forget" skills that wouldn't be available to me right now anyways, like Sever.

And backstab, apparently, which is also not available to me.
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