Feedback: Disappointed and Disgusted

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Feedback: Disappointed and Disgusted

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Ganelon Edit:

Throwing around terms like 'pissed off', 'disgusted', etc is really not a good way to make a point.

Posts venting your feelings in a hostile manner, insulting players, insulting the game's player base, and announcing you're quitting don't give much credibility either.

You were told by a member of the clan not to do something for your own benefit. I cant see where their action was out of line at all.

If you have an issue, take it to an immortal when you see one. Rage quit posts aren't that impressive.

Reference to Mirrors as you did in your last paragraph was also a bit silly. I can't see any point to what you said but to attempt antagonize every player and immortal here. So again, little lacking in the credibility department.

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