Clan Led-Mobs

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Clan Led-Mobs

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When Tular first designed the Dispatch System for clans, it quickly became apparent (in particular with logging tasks) that it was very time-consuming to do solo.

Hot on the heels of this, came the invention of the clan led-mob. It didn't care if you drained its moves to -1000 chopping trees, and it didn't complain you wouldn't let it go off and XP, and it had to carry logs instead.

It was a very neat device, but wasn't created with much more than that in mind. It only existed for one clan - the Cairhien Elite.

Then I got Imm'd, and as we all know, I just can't let anything be what it is.

To make a long story short, these things are pretty common place in a lot of clans now, including noble houses and trolloc clans. And they've been used pretty inventively by a number of players. In ways we hadn't forseen. For a long time we've let this pass unremarked, but a few things have made this no longer possible. After discussing it with Nilla and Nibiru tonight, the following has been agreed upon:

Clan led-mobs are only to be used with the gear they load with.

There are a number of reasons:

* Some people got the idea that these were PK aids. They're not. PK is supposed to be player vs player, not player vs player and mob decked out in SMOB EQ.

* Less player interaction, because you simply didn't need to any more. You could SMOB and rack up notations without them.

* Some players are at - or getting to the point where they can command two mobs. In retrospect, we probably never should have allowed that, but ah well - live and learn.

* A bit of help XP'ing or SMOB'ing is no crime - after all, it's why mercenary mobs were imped. However the things that a led-mob can do compared to a mercenary is incredibly vast.

* We have no way of ascertaining things you put on a led-mob that were lost on a crash. If you're carrying it, it's on your rent file. If your mob had it, you could tell us you had the ring of Tamyrlin and the Nine Rods of Dominion - we can't check, and thus can't recompense you if you lose it.

There were a lot of other considerations discussed, but this post is reaching epic lengths already. Simply don't do it, or we'll be forced to either script in tougher restraints on their use, or pull them entirely.
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