Save Rooms and Reimbursement

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Save Rooms and Reimbursement

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Hello everyone,

Today I was asked whether a save room's containments would be reimbursed in the case they have been purged or save room has been removed. The short answer is no. Only personal items will be reimbursed by immortals, and only those which cannot be obtained through any other mean than a immortal loading it.

You see, save rooms aren't handled the same way rent files are handled. It's a lot more difficult to determine what the saving room has contained than what someone's rent file has contained, especially if a lot of time has passed between present and when the room was in 'right condition' from players point of view. Even if the player can provide a list of the items that were in the room, there's no way to verify for most people what items really were in there.

I can hear the question already. "What if we have a list of the items that were in the room?" Sadly, we still can't do a reimbursement for you, because while you might be honest and provide us a list of what your room really contained, the next person might not be as honest with only providing a list of the lost items. Because of this, we can't do reimbursements based on what we are provided as lists, or we'll end up reimbursing items which did not exist previously sooner or later.

I know it sucks when you lose your precious, hard earned items, but there's really not much we can do about it whilst still being fair to everyone else.

The only special case when a immortal can reimburse your save room is when there's a bugged out item in your room and they have to purge your room manually to get rid of it. But even in this case, they have to take your entire room's contents to memory in order to be able to reimburse the items that were in the room afterward.

Why do save rooms sometimes lose their items?

- The one who owns the room (not necessarily the one who uses the room) has deleted their character. This means that whoever was the actual house owner (in many cases, a immortal character) no longer exists and the save room is automatically removed. We've had problems with this when some people have self-deleted and a lot of save rooms have disappeared from the MUD. (Name changing might possibly also do this..)
- The room file was corrupted and the MUD purged it. Rarely happens, but it does sometimes occur. (Occurs when the MUD crashes while the file is open and it was writing to it at the same time..)
- The room was purged by a immortal due to causing issue within the MUD itself. We've had to do this to a few wisdom rooms in the past when they had 30k+ plants growing at the same time.
- Owner of said room has been gone for a extremely long time and the room has been re-purposed or removed from saving entirely. This mostly occurs in Warder Students barracks.
- Lose of rank/betraying a clan/etc, will more than likely result in save room getting removed entirely.

What if a save room is missing items?

- The most likely case is someone's been to your room and stolen stuff. Rooms aren't thief-proof.
- The item no longer exists on the MUD and has been removed entirely.

No. Just personal items which the character owns will be given back. Sorry.
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