Each nation will have a clan which all its citizens are members of. When you begin a new character, you will probably be a member of a homeland clan. The lower ranks (1-3) are filled with the common people: villagers and city dwellers. The middle ranks (4-6) are those who have begun to rise politically. They may be members of a village council, or wealthy citizens of note in a major city. The upper ranks (7-9) are at the beginnings of nobility. The may be the mayor of a village, or a city councilman. In some lands, they may even be granted a title of a Lesser Lord.. These are also clan masters, who are responsible for helping determine the directions and decisions of village, cities, and ultimately entire nations. They may levy taxes, raise armies and militia, and enter into treaties and wars with other lands. The elite ranks (10-12) are the true nobility. The highest ranking clan member may well even be the king or queen of the nation. As such his power could far exceed that of any character wielding a mere sword.

Specific homeland clans will include: Altara, Amadicia, Andor, Arad Doman, Arafel, Cairhien, Ghealdan, Illian, Kandor, Mayene, Murandy, Saldaea, Shienar, Tar Valon, Tarabon, Tear, and the Two Rivers for Wetlanders; Aile Daishar, Cindaking, Qaim, and Tremalking for the Sea Folk;  Anangore, Asinbayar, Imfaral, Krendad, Noren M'Shar, Rampore, Qirat, Seandar, Shon Kifar, Sohima, and Tzura for the Seanchan; Cantoine, Chanti, Chiantal, Chinden, Chosium, Daiting, Feindu, Handu, Jenshin, Jentoine, Jinsiun, Jongai, Kolomon, Lantoine, Leitiang, Madan, Mardoon, Mashong, Mintai, Nurshang, Qichen, Saishen, Sanshen, Shadoon, Shajin, Shamendar, Shangloon, Shangtai, Shanjing, Sholoon, Sintiang, Taijing, Taishin, Tanhal, Tsochan, Tsofan, Tsofu, Wenchen, Yandar, Yongen, and Yontiang for the Ogier.

Aiel characters will belong to a specific clan rather than a homeland. The Aiel clans are: Chareen, Codarra, Daryne, Goshien, Miagoma, Nakai, Reyn, Shaarad, Shaido, Shianda, Taardad, and Tomanelle. These clans do not follow the structure of the homeland clans as portrayed above.

Trolloc, Fade, and Draghkar characters will have tribes rather than homelands. The trolloc tribes are: Afa'frait, Al'ghol, Bhansheen, Dhjin'nen, Ghar'ghael, Ghob'hlin, Ghraem'lan, Kho'bal, Kno'mon, Dha'vol, Dhai'mon. These clans will not follow the structure of the homeland clans described above either. The full clan structure for these races has not yet been determined.