Many other clans exist in the Mirrors world. And new clans can always be created by determined players (see: Creating a New Clan). Most of these clans will fall into one of the following categories: military, craftsmen, woodland, channeler, healer, bandit/thief, and others.

Military clans include the Children of Light, and the armies of nations. Members enlist as soldiers, and work up through the clan ranks to become officers and battle leaders. Ultimately they may plan the strategies of the Wars of the Realms. They learn many combat related skills and receive battle-tested equipment and weapons. They are most powerful and at home in open combat. A character may not serve in two miliatary clans at the same time (though he may leave one and join another at a later time).

Craftsmen clans will include the various guilds which trade across the realms. Examples include smiths, armorers, jewellers, clothiers, weavers, brewers and many more... Members begin as apprentices, and work up to journeyman then full guild member (clan master). At journeyman, they may open their own shop and hire others to work for them. Merchants may be among the richest characters in the game (perhaps second only to nobles). They are at their most powerful when in situations that allow them to use their wealth and local influence. While adventuring, their specialized skills may be much needed by other characters as they can maintain clothing or equipment that will otherwise quickly fall into disrepair.

Woodland clans include a variety of characters, such as rangers and forresters. Some clans embrace the Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men mentality, stealing from the rich and having a good old time. Others may be more reclusive, striving to maintain the delicate balance of nature against the forces seeking to overwhelm it from all sides. They learn many specialized skills, enabling them to remain unseen in the forest, and track others with amazing ease. Many rumors abound as to the secret skills many of these clans are assumed to have, from the almost believable to the laughably absurd. It is safe to say that some skills are guarded more closely than others... They are truly at home and most dangerous in the forests of the world, while they may be as out of place as a fish in a fire in a city. 

There is only one openly acknowledged clan for female channelers: The Aes Sedai. There are no acknowledged clans for male channelers (see Channeling for an explanation why). The Aes Sedai are based in Tar Valon, in the White Tower. Young channelers join as novices and are rigorously trained. They are not allowed out of the tower grounds until they have become Accepted (Rank 4). Even then, there are strict limits on what they can do and where they may go. Once they become Sister (Rank 7 - clan master) they are given freedom to roam where they will. This clan requires a high commitment on the part of the player to consistent role play. Many real life hours will need to be spent on the tower grounds, practicing weaves and doing mundane chores. The rewards at the end are high, however, as the Tower teaches the widest variety of weaves. They are however bound by Three oaths, one of which forbids the use of channelling as a weapon except in self-defense (enforcement of this is hard-coded into the game, you cannot simply blast a mob or another player with a weave unless they initiate an attack - and you can't attack them with a weapon to cause them to attack you so you can use weaves either). An Aes Sedai sister can be one of the most powerful characters in the game however. She is most powerful fighting the forces of the Dark (trollocs, fades, draghkar, etc...), where she is under no restrictions as to what weaves she can use, or when. Those characters who find themselves with channeling characters who do not want to accept the level of commitment the Tower requires may do well to look elsewhere...

Bandit/thief clans will range the gamut from city thugs to highly skilled assassins. Each clan will have their own repertoire of skills and equipment held as closely guarded secrets. Most of these clans will be secret (see: Secret Clans) as making yourselves publically available is generally not good for business in their line of work. They are most dangerous in the dark alleys and hidden places of the world, where they can use their skill in concealment and surprise attacks to their best advantage.