As this is an rp-mud, your character will be expected to dress appropriately for various situations. Examples include wearing your best Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes when meeting with nobility or other high ranking persons you wish to impress, wearing dress appropriate to your clan (no, Aes Sedai do not travel around in heavy armor). This will potentially require owning and maintaining various sets of clothing for various occassions.

Additionally, clothing will wear out as other equipment does. With skill, garments may be able to be mended for a time, but eventually even the best garments will need to be discarded. Fortunately, the shops and craftsmen guilds will always be happy to sell you new attire.

There are over 60 positions for your character to wear clothing and jewelry, including everything from undergarments to capes, slippers to stoles, multiple earrings, nose rings, rings, necklaces, and other jewelry. With all this, there should be no problem creating a distinctive look for your character.