Mirrors of the Wheel strives to provide as realistic an environment as possible while maintaining a high degree of playability (Note that "realistic" refers to how close the world corresponds to the world of The Wheel of Time, not ours). The mud is set in a world remarkably similar to that described by Robert Jordan in his fantasy novels. In effect, this means that the books were used as a strong guide for creating the mud, without being strict gospel. If you are disappointed by this admission, try to remember that the books were written to provide an interesting and entertaining story, not to be the basis for a balanced and enjoyable game.

To achieve realism with characters, players do not have access to their characters numeric stats. The only way to find out how strong/smart/agile you are is to compare yourself to other people, just as is done in our world. Don't worry about playing a character with low stats though, their effect in this game is far lower than that of skills and experience level (which are entirely within your control to achieve).

Movement throughout the world takes into account the speed at which you travel from room to room. The faster you move, the faster you will lose your endurance. Spamming from room to room to room will tire your character out very quickly, while moving at a more leisurely pace may enable you to continue moving without rest for a long time.