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NE 1145 Nesan 17 @ 0:00

Below is a Log between a Novice and Akarrin Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Some names were
changed to general ones like John Doe, so as not to give anything away about possible
bonuses their characters may possess.

A Cramped Classroom 
Not much larger than a broom closet, this room appears cramped even though it
contains only two small, hard benches set side by side.  Each bench rests
against opposing walls and there is just enough room between them for two
people to sit facing one another, provided that they are not large in size.  
There is no window and only a single beeswax candle, resting on the far end of
one of the benches, provides light for the room.  The floor is made of wooden
planks that have had any lacquering or coating scrubbed off of them.    
[ Exits s ]
( ) A short wooden bench is sitting here.

Akarrin Sedai enters from the south.

Ygraine Beauvier is here, fighting a straw creature!
...she glows with the light of saidar.

A straw creature gasps in shock as a rush of air knocks its feet out from under it!
A straw creature ducks under Ygraine's fist as she takes a swing at it.
Ygraine disengages and sits down and then lays back on a short wooden bench.
Akarrin Sedai nods slightly, 'Well done child.'
Akarrin Sedai looks around rather absently, and moves to the bench Ygraine rests on.

Akarrin Sedai sits down upon a short wooden bench.

Ygraine steps off of a short wooden bench.
Ygraine stops resting, and clambers to her feet.

Ygraine spreads her skirts and sinks into a deep curtsey before you.

Ygraine sits down upon a short wooden bench.

Ygraine rests upon a short wooden bench.

Akarrin Sedai seems somehow surprised at your sudden curtsey, 'Oh yes yes child.'

Akarrin Sedai turns to Ygraine, smiling in a friendly manner, 'Now, I understand you needed to speak with Phathom Sedai earlier about something.'

Ygraine blinks owlishly, offering a tiny smile. "I am sorry, Akarrin Sedai. I should have stood sooner when you came in. Are you well?" Pausing a beat, she licks her lips, canting her head to the side. "Oh.. aye, I found some books in the lower portions of the 

Akarrin Sedai frowns slightly, 'Now she told me what it was, but I think I was in the middle of the report to the Amyrlin about iron ore, but then was interrupted by Tylda, something about cloth from Andor and costs..'

Novice Ygraine notes in gentle tones, '... library. I turned them over to Phathom Sedai, but I think she was distracted. There were graymen down there, as well.'

Akarrin Sedai goes on, oblivious to Ygraine's words, '..I told her there was little to be done about that, a novice dress is a novice dress and we'd have to buy them from someone...'

Akarrin Sedai smiles in a conspiratorial fashion, 'but you know how administrators are.'

Ygraine crosses her ankles, smoothing her skirts over her knees. Rather then interrupt, she listens intently, offering a slow nod. "Aye, my parents are weavers, so I do know how costly such things can be, Akarrin Sedai."

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Anyway, she was talking to me about that and then Phathom entered and interrupted us.  Of course, Phathom never really interrupts. Such a pleasant girl, that Phathom. Though I suppose she is not a girl at all anymore, is she?'

Akarrin Sedai chuckles.

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Light, I remember her coming to the Tower..such a mind, such a wit!'
Ygraine smiles quietly. "A woman grown, Akarrin Sedai. Although you all look fresh as lasses."

Akarrin Sedai prattles on, 'Of course, we knew she would go Brown the moment we met her.'

Akarrin Sedai nods, 'Yes, lovely and young. Like yourself.  What of you child, you look like a Brown.'

Akarrin Sedai finally pauses and seems to be waiting for an answer.
Ygraine laces her fingers, resting her hands in her lap. "Not to interrupt, Akarrin Sedai.. But, did she mention the room I found and the greymen that were there?" Pausing a beat, she blinks widely. "Me? Brown? I hadn't even thought that far ahead, although I..'
Novice Ygraine notes in gentle tones, '..I do enjoy healing more then reading.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Healing, well Healing is fine and well but one can't Heal what one doesn't know, can one?'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Well, no matter. It was good chatting with you child.'

Akarrin Sedai rises, as if to go.
Ygraine considers that a moment, blinking slowly. "Very true, Akarrin Sedai. I never considered it like that before." 
Ygraine steps off of a short wooden bench.
Ygraine stops resting, and clambers to her feet.

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Keep the weaves up.  You did well with that last weave. I was on an errand of some sort and I thought it was with a Novice. Light, I wish I could find that note Phathom left.'

Akarrin Sedai smiles slightly, 'I'm certain it will present itself, they always do, don't they?'
Ygraine curtsies slowly offering a quiet smile. "I've seen no note, although, Phathom Sedai is in the library, if you would like me to fetch her for you?"
Akarrin Sedai says, 'Fetch her?'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Oh, Light child..I don't want to interrupt her work.'
Novice Ygraine notes in gentle tones, 'Phathom Sedai. Then you could ask her directly...Ah, of course. I didn't think.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Light, of course.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'You'd think I never got out of the library.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'I get so befuddled. I believe you were the Novice I was coming to see.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Would explain my presence in here with a first year Novice, wouldn't it?'
Ygraine exhales a soft laugh, lowering her gaze. Course, she looks up again, quickly. "Me?"
Akarrin Sedai chuckles to herself.

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Yes yes..the story..where was I.  Oh, right. Phathom interrupted Tylda and myself to let me know that you had come to see her.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'And that she hadn't had a chance to speak with you.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'But you had something to discuss and if I got a moment..'

Akarrin Sedai absently moves to the bench again.

Akarrin Sedai sits down upon a short wooden bench.

Ygraine chews her lip as she listens, finally offering a slow nod. "Aye.. I turned the list of names of Ta'veren I have seen thus far, Akarrin Sedai. Oh, and there were the greymen in the lower areas of the library and that strange room...."

Akarrin Sedai suddenly frowns, 'Light child, why do you keep getting up and down. Sit sit.  This is not an interrogation.'
Ygraine sits down upon a short wooden bench.
Ygraine drops quickly onto the bench, tucking her feet beneath it. 

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Yes, a strong Talent they say you have for it.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'You sent a list?  To whom did you send it?'

Akarrin Sedai suddenly begins patting her pockets, reaching into them and pulling all sorts of slips of paper and odd pieces of lint. '..no doubt I lost it..' she says with a dejected sigh.
Ygraine folds her hands in her lap. "I sent it to Phathom Sedai, Akarrin Sedai. Although, I have it committed to memory, if you'd like the list? I've noted a few variations in intensity of auras, to date. Sometimes, it can be rather confusing."

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Oh, Phathom Sedai.  Yes, of course.'

Akarrin Sedai haphazardly shoves the scraps back into her pockets and pulls forth a pen and paper from some hidden pouch, 'Yes, I shall make a new list.'
Novice Ygraine notes in gentle tones, 'The brightest so far are only three in number. Novice Jane Doe. Apprentice John Doe the Wetlander and Journeyman Jim Doe. Both John and Jim are warder students."'

Akarrin Sedai begins scribbling, 'Novice Jane...another Brown unless I miss my guess..John..and Jim...interesting,' she says as she writes.

Akarrin Sedai says, 'is that all?  '

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Three. Three ta'veren in the White Tower.  I wonder what that means.'

Akarrin Sedai takes on a dazed expression, tapping her pen against her cheek where an unfortunate ink splotch soon appears.

Ygraine thinks a moment, furrowing her brows. "Then there are the most numerous, those that simply glow. Quite a few names in that list, I fear. Journeywoman June Doe (Warder Student). Squadman Judy Doe of the Queen's Guard of Andor. Bannerman Jake Doe'

Novice Ygraine notes in gentle tones, 'Fisherman Jack Doe. Accepted Jenn Doe.  Master James Doe. Mistress Jean Doe. Master Jerry Doe. and Mistress Joyce Doe. All of them glow, as well.'

Ygraine cants her head to one side. "Then there is Woodsguide Gene Doe. He glows, but only slightly. And Journeyman Jon Doe who possesses an oddly luminescent aura. I've not seen another like that one.

Akarrin Sedai nods and scribbles their names quickly.

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Any others, especially Aes Sedai or Novices or Accepted?'

Akarrin Sedai goes through the list, 'Odd, this one with the Aura. How does it look different child?'
Novice Ygraine notes in gentle tones, 'Oh. Yes, Akarrin Sedai. Novice Julie Doe. Novice Jeanie Doe. Weapon-master Jacob Doe all glow, as well. How....? Hrm.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Now, with those three, where do they stand with the rest?'
Ygraine canting her head, she purses her lips, trying to think how to explain it. "They are the largest grouping, Akarrin Sedai. They glow, neither bright nor dim. So far it is the most numerous grouping.

Akarrin Sedai nods.

Akarrin Sedai says, 'So what I see so far is this.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Jane, John, Jacob, Joyce, Judie, Jenn, Julia, Jean, Jim, Jeanie, James, June, Gene and Jon with a strange aura.  '

Ygraine listens faintly, giving a slow shake of her head. "They all have strange auras, aye. But of differing intensities."

Akarrin Sedai says, 'I see, I see.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'This is very interesting child, very interesting.'

Novice Ygraine notes in gentle tones, 'And Emily Doe, as well. Although she is not as bright as Jane.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Emily..ahh, the girl's sister.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'She is in the big grouping then, with the others.'

Akarrin Sedai makes a note.
Ygraine dips her chin in a slow nod, smiling faintly. "Yes, Akarrin Sedai."

Novice Ygraine notes in gentle tones, 'And Jon is in a grouping alone, as is Gene.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Gene and Jon are the same though? Or they are different from one another?'
Novice Ygraine notes in gentle tones, 'They are different from one another, as well, Akarrin Sedai.'

Akarrin Sedai nods, 'I see I see..'

Akarrin Sedai goes over the list again, absently tapping her face with the pen's tip yet again.

Akarrin Sedai suddenly notices the pen and the ink, frowning.

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Child, do I have ink on my face?'
Novice Ygraine notes in gentle tones, 'Gene glows, but only faintly. Jon, however, his is the strangest of the lot. It's like a luminescent glow about him. Different in quality, although I can't put my finger on how. Just a bit of ink, Sedai.'

Akarrin Sedai nods, listening to your words and wipes absently wipes her face, smearing the ink into a long black streak.
Ygraine winces faintly as she eyes the black streak. "Um... It's much larger, now, Sedai."

Akarrin Sedai looks at the list, nodding solemnly, 'Yes, indeed it has grown larger.  It has been decades since we've had someone who could see Ta'veren and the list was much shorter then.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Yet..no one among the Aes Sedai child that you have seen?'

Ygraine clears her throat, offering a slow shake of her head. "None amongst the Aes Sedai that I have seen. No."

Akarrin Sedai says, 'I wonder what this could mean.'

Ygraine glances between the list and the ink on Akarrin's face, licking her lips slowly. "Um. Granted, one must consider that I can only see those who actually come to the tower. There could be more or less without."

Akarrin Sedai almost taps her face with the pen tip again but suddenly takes note of it, eyes narrowing slightly as though she had caught the pen at some mischief and instead uses her knuckle to tap, spreading the inky streak further.

Akarrin Sedai says, 'Yes, that's true of course.  I find it strange though that there are none among the Aes Sedai themselves.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'That seems to speak to some event or some change in the world which might have caused the pattern to throw forth such a wave of ta'veren.'
Ygraine nods slowly, brows furrowing as she considers that. "It is odd... Although, I am certain you would know far more about that, then I. I've been looking though, just to be certain. So far, none of the Aes Sedai in the tower seem to have an aura."

Akarrin Sedai nods, 'Tell me child, what do you know of Ta'veren?
Ygraine brushes her tongue over her lips, frowning faintly. "Not very much, Akarrin Sedai. I was going to the library to do some research on the topic. But, unfortunately, I got sidetracked by the greymen."

Akarrin Sedai frowns, 'Greymen?'

Akarrin Sedai's features soften into absent minded mirth, 'Child, don't be ridiculous. There are no greymen in the White Tower.'
Ygraine blinks once. "Aye, in the strange room in the basement of the library. Had Sergeant Major Kemael not been with me, I'd be dead."
Ygraine leans forward a bit. "Oh, but there are, Akarrin Sedai. Or there were.. They're dead, now. Hopefully there are no others about."
Akarrin Sedai coughs roughly, 'Child, I know that coming to the Tower and all the work here can be stressful. And then what with this Talent..  Well, perhaps you should take some time to yourself and rest. I could speak to Merean..'
Ygraine blinks intently, brows furrowing. "I'm not making things up or seeing things, Akarrin Sedai. Kemael was with me. We fought them."
Novice Ygraine notes in gentle tones, 'There was a strange room with thirteen chairs in a hollow in the floor.'

Akarrin Sedai chuckles slightly, 'Of course you did child.  Let's return to the list.  Can you think of any others whom you might have forgotten, or do you think this is all of them?'
Ygraine's mouth opens and closes a few times, brows slowly creeping upwards toward her hairline. "I've not forgotten anyone, Akarrin Sedai." Pausing a beat, she tugs tightly on her braid. "I could show you, if you like? Of course, we'll need to find one of the warders to open the door for us.'

Akarrin Sedai tilts her head, 'Oh no child, the Talent doesn't work like that. You cannot show me who glows. Though it would be interesting if it could be done. Perhaps there is a way, some lost weave..though I'm certain there wouldn't be a Gaidin involved..'

Akarrin Sedai prattles on, '..a bit of Spirit perhaps..some Air..but no, that would be like Healing and I don't see what that has to do with this particular Talent itself..'
Ygraine blinks once, tugging her braid hard. "I meant the room with the thirteen chairs and the greymen, Akarrin Sedai.

Akarrin Sedai tilts her head back and forth as if counting down in her head all the while mumbling to herself, '..two parts Water, one part Earth....and a touch of Air...'

Akarrin Sedai snorts, chuckling, 'Of course, I'd likely find myself covered in mud with that..'
Lilla has arrived from the south.
Ygraine forces herself to release her braid before she tugs it clean off her head. "Akarrin Sedai... Did you hear me?" Of course, from the expression on her face, she clearly knows the answer to that.

Akarrin Sedai shakes her head, as if to clear it, 'No, this list will do nicely child. I thank you for giving it to me. Send anymore you learn on to me.'

Akarrin Sedai says, 'or to Phathom. Check the note on the board by Merean if you need to know who to mail.'

Akarrin Sedai glances at the new arrival, 'Oh, hello child.'
Ygraine opens and closes her mouth, lips pressing tightly for a moment. "Aye, Akarrin Sedai... but, what of the room and the greymen?"
Ygraine steps off of a short wooden bench.
Ygraine clambers to her feet.

Akarrin Sedai begins patting at her pockets furiously as if looking for something again, 'Good day child' she says.

Akarrin Sedai rises and steps away from the short wooden bench.

Akarrin Sedai frowns in frustration as she continues to search, passing Lilla on her way from the room and leaving a long list of names on the bench...

***THE END***

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