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Current gametime:
NE 1148 Nesan 26 @ 22:00

Meeting Room of Far Dareis Mai
There are two small tables in the middle of the room with pillows
around them to sit on.  An area lies off to the southern portion of
the room which looks as if someone has recently used the ground there
for target practice.  On the east wall stands a rack built for
storing the spears no spear-sister would be without.  To the west
lies the end of a short hallway which leads back out toward the rest
of the Roof and out into the Hold.
[ Exits: w ]
A heavy ledger book attached to a tall reading stand details clan
Brin the Aiel is standing here.

You bow formally to Brin in the Aiel manner.

You say, 'I see you Brin'

Maiden Brin says, 'hello spear-sister'

Maiden Brin says, 'do you have your vows prepared?'

You nod.

Maiden Brin says, 'Ok then'

Maiden Brin says, 'Wedding the Spear is the first real step to being
Far Daries Mai'

Maiden Brin says, 'Today, you will vow your life to the Spear'

Maiden Brin says, 'as many women vow thier lives to a man'

Maiden Brin says, 'but your vows go to a more useful purpose'

Maiden Brin says, 'the Spear, and you will become one'

Maiden Brin says, 'breaking your three spears'

Maiden Brin says, 'breaks those vows'

Maiden Brin says, 'and frees you of Far Dareis Mai'

Maiden Brin says, 'do you understand?'

You nod.

Maiden Brin says, 'are you prepared to commit yourself, your life,
to your spears?'

You say, 'I am.'

Maiden Brin says, 'then speak your vows'

Zalevia holds her spears vertically in front of her.

You say, 'I vow to live by the spear, to protect my clan and guard
our hold.  '

You say, 'I vow to uphold the honor of all Far Dareis Mai.  '

You say, 'I will watch over my sisters, whether they wish it or not.

You say, 'My spears and my heart shall guide me through any troubles
I pass.  '

You say, 'And I promise that nothing shall part me from my spears
and my sisters.'

Zalevia lowers her spears to her side.

Maiden Brin says, 'On behalf of all my Spear-sisters, I witness your

Maiden Brin says, 'and your wedding to your spears'

Far Dareis Mai) Brin has promoted Zalevia to Wed to the Spear.
You've been promoted.

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