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NE 1148 Nesan 26 @ 23:00

The Mistress of Novice's Study
The room is warmly decorated with a thick rug patterned in muted greens,
yellows and blues on the floor and a wide desk set facing away from the
fireplace in the western wall.  There are two chairs set before the desk and a
cushioned armchair behind it.  The walls are decorated with tapestries and
paintings.  On the desktop there is a large, bound book holding many pages.  
In the corner by the fireplace, a rather wicked looking willow switch leans
against the wall.    
A supple willow switch leans against the wall.
A writing desk dominates the center of the room, facing the entrance.
A patterned rug lies upon the floor.
(i100) Erica the Queen of the Belligerent Coder Society is standing here.
Jetta has arrived from the north.
Jetta runs into your office, her hair a mess and her dress dirty around the
 hem line.
Jetta pants and gasps as she drops a low curtsey to you.
Jetta spreads her skirts and sinks into a graceful curtsey.

The Mistress of Novices looks you up and down with a raised eyebrow.

You say, 'Child, you really should keep yourself more presentable.'
Jetta wobbles on her knees as she trys to muffle her panting.
Jetta nods quickly as she gasps, 'Y.. Yes mistress.'

You say, 'Anyways'
Jetta tucks her feather dusters into the side of her belt.
Jetta stops using a duster made of red and white feathers.
Jetta stops using a duster made of red and white feathers.
Jetta nervously clasps her hands together as she bites her lower lip, 
causing the rosy flesh to turn lilly white.

You say, 'It has come to my attention that your learning seems to have
Jetta grimaces slightly as she makes a, 'humm?' sound.
Jetta chuckles nervously, an uneven sound like bells being walked over.

You say, 'I must say, as I have been advised, I do not think you can 
progress in your studies of the One Power much farther with us.'

You say, 'You have spent much time here with us and been tested frequently'
Jetta gasps as she takes an unabashed step forward, her face suddenly as 
calm and as stern as a Kandorian war master.
Jetta speaks in a slow, confident voice, 'No.'

The Mistress of Novices gets a regretful look on her face.
Jetta narrows her eyes as she continues, 'I will learn. I WILL learn and 
i WILL channel.. i.. i...'

You say, 'No, to what child?'
Jetta clears her throat once, 'I just need a little more time.'

The Mistress of Novices sighs slightly.

You say, 'Child, I know how much you wish it, and how much I too, but if 
you do not have the spark we cannot give it to..no matter how long you stay.'
A shadow of doubt passes over her face, but it is quickly banished as the 
mask of determination settles back onto the face of Jetta.
Jetta speaks in that calm, slow voice again... yet now it rings with the 
sound of something empty, 'No... i will learn... you cant stop me.'
Mistress Jetta says, 'you CANT! Mistress...'
Jetta falls to her knees, her pride shattered  at you feet.

You say, 'It is much better for you if you put this behind you as a great try, 
and go on with your life and be successful at something else.'
Jetta looks up at you, her hands clasped together, 'please, PLEASE dont sent 
me away like those failed girls... those girls who never truly tried... i will 
try, i will!'

The Mistress of Novices walks out from behind her desk over to you and puts a 
hand on your head.
Jetta shakes her head as she begins to kiss the hem of your dress.
Jetta murmmers in a stiff voice, 'no... no... i will... i can...'

The Mistress of Novices grips your chin forcing you to look up at her saddened 
Jetta looks up at you, her blue eyes much more wattery then their normal 

You say, 'Child, you have failed at nothing'
Jetta whispers through a sore throat, 'Mistress... i'll do anything... plese, 
i have no where to go, nothing to do. My life is for the Tower, My life is to 
be Aes Sedai. Please... higher me on as a servent, i'll cook and clean... i'll...'
Jetta lowers her eyes as she shivers, despite the fact that the room is 
perfectly warm. 'Plese, dont sent me off. i need to stay.. perhapse in 
time the spark will show. i'll.. i'll do anything...' she whispers in an 
empty voice.

Jetta wears a small leather pouch on her belt.
'Anything...' repeats Jetta.

You say, 'You have friends whom you can stay with, and we will not send 
you away with nothing. I can arrange a job elsewhere for you, perhaps in 

You say, 'I'm sorry Jetta, It would not be healthy for you stay here at 
this point.'
Jetta shakes her head as she covers her face with her hands.
301) Lenara says, 'hello Jetta.'
Jetta mutters, 'What kind of job...?'
The Mistress of Novices strokes your head.
301) Jetta says, 'hello Lenara.... sorry, i cant talk right now.'

You say, 'What would you like to do?'
301) Lenara says, 'nod. alright.'

You say, 'I can arrange almost anything, really.'
Jetta suddenly gasps as if pricked by a pin as she looks up to face you.
Her eyes are suddenly clear and knowing, a spark of something quite... 
different... glints in the eyes of Jetta.

Jetta clambers to her feet as she looks at you with those cold, clear eyes.

The Mistress of Novices steps back and folds her hands at her waist.

You say, 'You have thought of something?'
Jetta nods slightly as she removes the dusters from her belt.
Jetta hands you the dusters as she asks, 'What would you suggest... 
Aes Sedai?'
Jetta hands you the dusters she will no longer be needing.
Jetta gives you a duster made of red and white feathers.
Jetta gives you a duster made of red and white feathers.
Jetta raises her right hand swiftly to brush a few fallen braids from 
her face.

You say, 'Perhaps, a job in the Palace in Caemlyn? The First Mistress 
will likely take a recommendation from us.'
Jetta is jaded and the emotion hands heavy on her voice, 'Hum... a 
palance in place of the White Tower. What a wonderful trade. Very well, 
i will go to work for the Palace in Caemlyn.'
Jetta mutters, 'i'm sure they have lots of pretty things to... clean.'
Jetta twists her mouth in what you assume is a smile.

You say, 'Or as an apprentice in some trade?'
Jetta arches her right eyebrow as she draws back her cloak, revealing 
heavily muscled arms. 'I have apprenticed to a Blacksmith... but that 
was a long time ago.'
Jetta shrugs helplessly.

You say, 'Would you prefer to go back to that then?'
Mistress Jetta says, 'i have no interst in slaving for crusts of bread 
again... that life is like a song that is now finished. i Did like to 
sing once...'
Jetta 's voice trais off, lingering on the word 'sing...'
Jetta hums a few bars of 'Aiel Roses' in a voice so clear and calm you 
beleive it would make a dove turn green with envy.

You say, 'Hmmm'
Jetta sigs softly, looking at your Shawl with an envy unlike any you have 
ever seen.
Jetta shrugs her sholders as she mutters, 'i dont think there is anything 
i would be good at...'

You say, 'A beautiful voice...perhaps some training and you can be a sought 
after performer.'
Jetta blinks a few times before taking a swift step toward you on feet so 
nible they might as well be walking on air.
You say, 'I will give you a letter for a Lady her in Caemlyn that takes 
singers and other performers under her wing.'
Jetta speaks quickly, her Kandorian accent showing through, 'This isn't 
som'tick, a'es it?'
You say, 'Of course not child. I do not play tricks.'

The Mistress of Novices 's eyes harden.

You say, 'Now, pick yourself up and be strong. You have the determination 
to go far, this I know.'
Jetta sighs softly before nodding. Despite her calm body language, you can 
clearly see her fists clenched so tighly that her knuckles have turned white.
Jetta whispers though clenched teeth, 'Yes Aes Sedai'

You say, 'Come back tomorrow morning, early and I will have the Letter and 
some other things to help you along. I am sure you have friends you wish to 
visit with and say Goodbye too.'

The Mistress of Novices nods in dismissal.
Jetta drops you a curtsey before nodding again, sending a few tighly braided 
strands of ebony haire tumbling into her face. She dose not bother to brush 
them aside.
Jetta spreads her skirts and sinks into a graceful curtsey.
Jetta leaves north.

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