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Current gametime:
NE 1154 Shaldine 25 @ 8:00
Game update: Jan 5, 2002
New changes over the past week.
o Lights should now work completely. See the help file for how to use
    also remember lanterns are fillable with oil!
  **General Changes**
o forms added. *testing stage only do not bug to gain this*
o forms information added to charinfo.
o page no longer sends a garbage buffer to the sender if no argument
    was given.
o yell and where both are smarter about their range.
o faction information under charinfo updated.
o track is now grammatically correct.
o draw [weapon] is now valid.
o nosneak and nohide rooms work.
o watchskills toggle is now available.
o cannot map in the dark properly now.
o ocsay added for clans with overclans like the Tower
o practices are no longer going nuts for level 52-54 characters.
o practice/list_skills now lists skills known, even if the pre-requisites
    have fallen below their required levels.
 **Channeler things**
o air prereqs adjusted to allow for more current air weaves to be learned.
o airbands sp draw upped and #banded down.
o do_quit now releases airbands victims if the caster quits.
o dying releases airband victims as well.
o weave damages for several weaves have been increased.
o some weave failing results have been changed.
o hurricane renamed to windstorm.

lots of minor changes, cleanups, etc
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