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NE 1154 Shaldine 25 @ 7:00
Game update: Jan 20, 2003
o This may not mean much to many people, but the mud now understands the NAWS
  telnet option.  This means that when you are reading something that is too
  large to fit on the screen, it will display as much as you can see, rather
  than just 20 lines at a time.
o sayto has been fixed so the output makes sense again.
o New talents have been added (channelers only).  Channelers might now be able
  to see residues of weaves and Ta'veren.  Use talentupdate for your chance at
  these talents.
o A violent feeling (noquit) has been added to score's display.
o When equipping horses, the messages are no longer absurd.
o A new command while in the editor (/? ) will allow you to lookup the
  spelling of a word in our dictionary (like ispell does outside the editor).
o Some weave damages were increased.
o Some weave pre-requisites were corrected.
o New custom color: group.  It affects gsay/gtell and report.
o Equipment worn on the body (body1 position actually) will now cover eq. worn
  on the groin.
o Neck gear should no longer show a message you shouldn't see if you try to
  wear more than 4 pieces of it.
o Houses no longer prevent non-guests from entering.  You have been warned.
  Keys will be available in the future, but for now only leave things laying
  around that you don't mind having stolen by looters.
o Queen's guard has a new board that works.
o Applicants will no longer see ocsays of clans.
o User entered colors will only be visible if you have usercolor turned on AND
  color set to complete.  It seems redundant but if color was off you would
  still receive user entered colors which is a nono.
o Fades and Trollocs may now see in the dark.
o Polls can have variable number of answers now.
o Trade will no longer allow you to trade with yourself.
o Only strong ta'veren will show to those with that talent.
o You can no longer rest in a room flagged !rest. (Think ferries).
o You can no longer weave when blind.
o You can no longer heal or refresh while the channeler or victim is fighting.
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