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Current gametime:
NE 1154 Shaldine 25 @ 14:00
Game update: 2004 August 10

More bugfixes:
o The %L prompt option now counts sunlight in addition to room lightsources.
o Light sources will now save their "refillable" flags, which means that as
  immortals fix lanterns and other refillable light sources, you will be able
  to refill them with fuel.
o A new room flag (norespin) has been added to prevent people from respawning
  in a dangerous room (such as a locked smob room).
o %room.clan% has been added, to report to a script the clan owner of a room.
o The desert sector will now show up in the map command, rather than not
  showing anything.
o Respond will now use the same date format as the rest of the board messages.
o Tells sent to you from a drunk character will show up drunk in thistory.
o Immortals are now able to send tells to people in spite of the notell flag.
o Searching for hidden exits when the exit does not have a door name will not
  crash the mud, it will show "door" as the name instead now.
o When carried people climb out of your hands it will now also remove the
  weight that had been added from carrying the person.
o Bald players will now show with "no hair" in their description, rather than
  "None hair".

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