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Current gametime:
NE 1154 Shaldine 24 @ 18:00
Game update: 2004 September 29 - More bugs gone... *chomp* *chomp*

o People wielding colored weapons will not change the color of the characters
  that are listed after them in the rooms.
o If someone is sitting upon something it should no longer say so twice.
o Hidden characters, etc, will no longer wash out the remaining characters
  listed in the room.
o Draw will now also look for weapons left in your inventory, not just in
  sheaths.  It can replace your equipment in your hands depending on what
  you are drawing.
o There is a new setting for clans that will prevent you from resigning.  You
  must be discharged from these clans.  Currently none have this setting.
o People rescinding applications to secret clans will not have their actions
  broadcast to everyone in the mud anymore.
o Finally, you are either able to learn to channel, or you will learn to
  channel, but you will not be both.  This doesn't mean wilders cannot learn to
  channel... just clarifies the issue in the code.
o If you are logged out for an hour or more, any affects will also be removed
  once you return to the game.  These affects including blindness, awareness,
  poison, etc.
o NPCs entering darkened areas will now light any available light sources that
  are available to them (except light balls).  They will also light their
  light sources once the sun goes down.
o Trollocs will no longer shout Hey you're that fiend that attacked me.  Also
  everyone else that shouts that will call you a darkfriend, not a fiend.
o Sleeping mobs cannot call for help in progressive raids anymore.
o All lanterns should once again be refillable.  _IF_ yours will not allow you
  to refuel it, please have it replaced.  If a _new_ lantern cannot be
  refueled, please report it through typo.
o One person getting thrown from a horse will no longer crash the mud.  Whoops.

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