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Current gametime:
NE 1154 Shaldine 24 @ 23:00
Game update: 2004 November 5

o Weapons will now be usable by anyone of the same race instead of nearly the
  same weight.
o It should be impossible for you to die again while in the death zone
o You can now ghost while in any position.
o The weave 'flaming filaments' will now do regular damage as well as doing
  extra damage (which is all it had been doing).
o Resizing weapons or armor will now save the wear and tear on the items.
o Cost of mending items has been cut down by a factor of 10.
o A lot of mobs that were missing forms now have them.
o You can no longer weave if you are blinded.
o You cannot appraise until you have learned embrace/seize to 50%.
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