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Current gametime:
NE 1154 Shaldine 25 @ 4:00
Game update: Dec 14, 2002
o Armor neckware (such as gorgets) only affect your abs when worn in the first
  eq slot for neckwear.  Now when you wear such equipment, it will automagic-
  ally swap with whatever is in your first eq slot for neckwear.
o Carried people will now be carried with you when you move from room to room.
o Thanks to Jetta's observation that people in a canoe wearing armor shouldn't
  fall flat on their face, they will instead choke on water (with a minor hit-
  point deduction) as they fall in any water rooms.
o When lights begin to go out now, they will only give messages while carried
  by a character or when in a room.  No more crashes from lit lanterns being
  carried inside packs.  Though in the future your pack may catch on fire...
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