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NE 1154 Shaldine 25 @ 8:00
2002 June 11 (Loril)
The website has now been moved back onto the default port, so you can once again reach the web page at www.mirrorsmud.net. Also, a warning, the 'whois' command is causing trouble, and using it could crash the MUD so PLEASE do not use this command for now.

2002 May 31 (Loril)
Alright! We have successfully moved the MUD to our new server. We are now on a faster machine, with more RAM.

Our domain name is working now as well, and our website OBVIOUSLY is back up, though we are now running it on port 8080 instead of the default port, so you need to use the address http://www.mirrorsmud.net:8080 to reach it.

If you are one of the 76 mortals whose save files changed while we were on our temporary server, you may either play with the prior save file, or let us know that you wish to use your save file from the temp server. Beware though, you may have incurred skill dacay due to the noquit zones bug that existed on that server.

Finally, I'll mention that back in March we made an adjustment to time, slowing it down so days are now longer, and resetting us back to within our pre-Aielwar timeframe.

2001 September 15 (Shawnyve)
Ok, some people are misunderstanding some older updates we've put up. Specifically one that mentioned a pwipe. This wipe happened June 26th, and paved the way into phase two beta which we are now in.

Phase two is going very well. Our player base is growing and they report enjoying everything despite crashes ;) We had a record 40 people on this past week which was amazing and very pleasing to see so many give us a try. On avg we have 10-20 people on at any given time.

We are trying to get some publicity through topmudsites.com. You can vote us up in thier top 100 muds by going to our home page and clicking on the button on the top left. In other ways, having players write reviews is very helpful and lets prospective players read how real people feel about it. You can do so at topmudsites.com and also on mudconnector.com Shawnyve

2001 August 24 (Dasmon)
Great new changes are taking place on a daily basis on MirrorsMUD. After our recent downtime due to router issues we are now back up and things are running better then ever. Phase two is awesome!!!

The telnet applet has been added to our site now allowing users to connect to the mud via their web browsers using java technology.

More updates will be added soon as we compile a list of cool new changes!

2001 June 26 (Maxim)
Almost looks like this will be a weekly thing now doesn't it? The Aiel have been opened, much thanks to Loril, and players have realized that the waste is an unforgiving place to live.

Probably the most exciting news for alot of the immortals is that we are moving into phase two as of tonight, at roughly 7pm eastern time. Phase two is basically our opening, except that if any large obnoxious bugs rear their ugly heads, we want to keep it small-ish so that we can deal with them in a hurry.

That seems to say enough.

2001 June 19 (Maxim)
It's been quite some time since the last update, 3 months actually, and I'm not sure how long it's been since we last upated the webpages actually. However, as you may have noticed, there are new webpages in some spots, especially here at the front line (from the index page onwards). Oh and if you're looking for the old updates page, it's over here.

That said, we'll try to keep this updated more often, but in actuality this is probably going to be more like a digest form of the updates posted in the MUD's bulletin boards. Those are updated much more often and are usually flooded with activity (compared to these blasted webpages). Btw, you can access most of the general boards that are inside the mud through the webpages now, by clicking on the "Board System" link to the left.

Now as for the actual update...since it's been so long since we have updated this we'll give a general status report instead.

There are currently 38 zones open to the public, with a total of 7200+ rooms spread across them. There are over 3200 unique objects, as well as over 2000 unique mobiles. The Wetlanders are the only race currently available to mortals, but the Aiel are very nearly ready for unveiling (pun intended) as I write this. The Aiel unveiling will add another 800 rooms and 6 zones to our list of open zones, thank you very much Loril!

As for how much code is required yet.... Well honestly we're just waiting until we return to Shawnyve and Mouser's server (once their dedicated line is properly set up for them), before starting phase two of our beta testing. This will involve a player reset, where everyone will be reset to level 1, their equipment and inventories deleted, trophy lists reset, history reset, etc. However unless we come across more combat/experience bugs, there will be no further de-levelings. That's the bad news. The good news is, that anyone who has logged on mortals to test for us, will either:
  • have their 'show' time expired (thus if you're a channeler but still waiting to 'show', you'll show) or
  • be given a second chance for a special character (such as channeler/wolfbro)

I will not try to guess whether or not we will need another reset at the end of phase two, nor how long phase two will last. But I think it will be safe to say that the world we have created will be open at last for real in the very near future (TM).

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