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A facist misogynist trapped in the life of a peace-loving hippie, I found fruition by joining and leading the Children of the Light in another life. This led to an indescribable urge to go out and hunt wiccans on the basis that they were most likely wielding the accursed One Power. Realizing that nothing but jail lay down that route, I did all I could to ruin as many peoples time by oppressing them.
After several years of this, I grew sickened by the sheepness of people, and retired from that life to become a near-godlike being being an Imm on Mirrorsmud. I had met and oppressed most of the people on this MUD, so naturally I felt right at home the first time I checked in to see what it was all about. After a week of realizing that the MUD was too stinking big, I settled down to help make it even bigger in order to avoid the innumerable hours of exploring the rich environment. I am, after all, at heart an extremely lazy person.

I live in Chicago and work in Freight Forwarding. That is a parasitic job where I sit in an office and call trucking companies to move other peoples freight so they don't have to.

Hey, that should be the catch-phrase for the Imms. "We build rooms so you don't have to." I like criminals and kiwis alike. Redcoats are fine. But stay away from those bloody Americans.

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