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The Staff of MirrorsMUD

Welcome to the Staff Pages. This section of the web site is meant to allow our players, and fellow staff members, to get a small glimpse into the "real" lives of our staff. All staff members are encouraged (strongly) to submit something, to help allow our players to put a real person in their minds, rather than just a big boomy voice. This page contains links to each of the staff members pages that have submitted information. Each staff member is listed here in alphabetical order, by their Immortal character's name.

Immortals can send their information, and a picture to Loril.

Aaranvor Aeryon Aetius Aisling
Audrya Azrith Caen Carus
Cheiron Dantec Erica Eshon
Jabez Jaxon Kazoth Loril
Maxim Merc Mouser Namorham
Omaha Paw Shawnyve Shiandra
Talion Theia Tular Violet
Zalik Zeryn

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