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Aiel Project Manager

I became an immortal here when I returned from a four month absence of the internet to the MUD i previously played. My play partner told me to come check out a new MUD she was building at. After a couple days of wandering around, and finding I knew a good portion of the staff ( and a little nudging by Crysa of course ) I bugged Shawnyve and asked if I could build. The rest is infamous history.

I am from Michigan in the USA, I spent four years in the Army working in telecommunications, and another three years doing the same for the National Guard. Currently, I am attending ITT Tech studying Computer Networking, and will graduate in September of 2002.

My favorite thing about Mirrors would have to be the Aiel. As I starting creating my first zone, I found myself spending a lot of time examining bits and pieces of what Robert Jordan wrote about the Aiel. Since then, it's become more of an obsession with the Aiel. I enjoy creating a world that realistically depicts the Aiel as close to the books as we can possibly make it.

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