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My long illustrious Mirrors career started back in the winter of 98. Since then I've prided myself on doing next to nothing on the MUD for around four years. My legacy consists of such wonderous things as two poorly written and laid out zones in Andor. One can't forget the Blight as well, which has all of ten rooms completed out of around 800 I laid out.

None of this greatness would have been possible if it wasn't for Shawnyve. She kidnapped me one night off of that pit of hell others refer to as "that other Jordan MUD who's playerbase is made up of people who wet the bed and don't feel shame about it". She now lives to regret this hasty decision, as the name Azrith is now synonymous with doing next to nothing and poking sarcastic fun at everyone.

When I'm not on Mirrors impeding progress (which is more often than not) I'm serving in the United States Army as an Infantryman. Originally from the great state of California, I'm now forced to reside in Tennesse, one of those places that was never on my list of "must see's". One day I'll return home to Los Angeles and take up my old job in the MIS Department of Time Warner Cable. Where I'm undoubtably sure they've missed my sarcasm and love for life.

My favorite thing about Mirrors is that no matter how many times I log on, do next to nothing besides poke fun at Maxim, everyone pretends to be happy to see me online.

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