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I fell in love with the Wheel of Time series a few years back. After reading the books a bunch of times, I finally began searching for an online game. I started on another mud, playing together with a close friend of mine. We continued for sometime there before coming to Mirrors to help build as Eve, a beautiful young Goddess, a Seductress...
However, after some time, my friend Francesca stopped playing. As a grown man, I had little desire to continue on as the Goddess of anything, much less a Seductress...

So I called out to the Great Goddess Shawnyve. I yelled into the clouds, 'Great Goddess of the Light...will you grant my humble request. Will you make me a man..!'

A strong musical voice erupted from the Heavens above, 'Make you a man? I can only work with what I'm given, freaknasty. But I can change your Imm to male on the mud and let ya pick a new name. Good enuff?'

And so Cheiron was born. :)

I'm a 28 year old guy named Dan living near Philly with way too much time on his hands. It took me only like a year and a half to finish my first zone and I look forward to a couple of more over the next decade. ;)

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