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Head Coder

In the middle of 1998 a friend of mine at work introduced me to MUDs in general. I found a few that I liked, and then found one that I could relate to well since it was based on the Wheel of Time series. Then I decided I would try my hand at writing one on my own, since I found certain aspects of the MUD that I disagreed with. About six months later this really strange person was asking people if they wanted to work with her on a Wheel of Time based MUD and I said yes.

Since then I've gone from being the secondary coder to the head coder to the sole coder and back to the head coder. Or some such order like that.

For more personal info... I am studying Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and will most likely graduate at the end of 2002. I work as a Technical Support Technician at Loyola University Chicago in their Information Services department. I'm engaged to another one of immortals here, Omaha, who I met before I ever knew about MUDs. We will be getting married in the summer of 2003.

In addition to MUDs and various other video games such as Neverwinter Nights and MechWarrior 4, I am an avid reader with a fairly large collection of books lining the bookcases in my room, and covering my desks and tables and floors; I enjoy rollerblading along the lakefront and watching the Chicago Bears play football (even if they do suck sometimes).

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