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NE 1145 Nesan 1 @ 14:00

Aisling (pronounced sorta like "Ashling")

White Tower Project Manager

I began my obsession with building on Mirrors about four years ago. I had looked far and wide for a mud that both emphasized role-playing and was true to books but without success. After talking with some of the immortals here and hearing their vision for Mirrors, I said sign me up.

Of course, being given control of building the White Tower was no small lure for my maniacal tendencies when it comes to anything Aes Sedai! Now, some 2,000 rooms later I am even more in love with Mirrors and even more obsessed with the White Tower than I ever dreamed possible when I first entered this world.

I live in New York City, except in the summer months when I am in Germany and Switzerland. I'm on my way to being 18, emancipated, and able to spend even more of my time here at Mirrors! I'm home-schooled and plan to go to university next year and I currently spend the bulk of my real world time fighting with my little sister, reading, roller-blading along the Hudson river, and sucking down coffee at one of my various cafe haunts.

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