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Once the commander and chief of a global agency to protect the world from the evil machinations of the suicide squirrel squad, I head rumour one day of a MUD where they were offering free beer. And so my quest began... Arriving here I found that the squirrels and their collaborators had already drunk all the beer (not such a problem, I'm more of a spirits person anyway) so I slipped in guerrilla warfare mode and kept a nice low profile as a mortal for a while, so that I could better attack the problem. Pretty soon I had gotten the feel for the self, and found that some of the locals had lost their sense of focus. It was then that it was time to strike, and in return for the small fee of immortality, I was able to unleash new training operations on the people of the land, so that they could be ready.

Now I lurk, keeping an eye out for when the Hailene may sail to the Lands of Hawkwing and seize back those lands that the squirrels have so unlawfully taken for their own.

Eking out a living between the Reef and the Rainforest, I'm currently taking a break while doing my BSc, which is comprised mainly of Comp Science and Atmospheric physics. Ideally I'd like to at some stage in the future gain work doing feasibility studies for various types of sustainable energy in various areas, along with mapping all the data together for future reference. (I term it the Grove Project) For now though, I'm kicking back in tropical Far North Queensland, listing to music, writing up scripts, and going out with friends on the weekends.

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