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I began reading "fantasy" (I prefer to call them "preferable reality") books much later then most fans, around the age of 18. The world of Robert Jordan was the first real series I began, yet quickly drew me into the Wheel of Time more completely then I ever thought possible. Enthralled was I with the diversity of his characters, the depth of plot(s) and the eloquent style of his timeless writing. Obviously, I was immediately addict...er...hooked.
One night I was perusing the internet and came across an online game based on the Wheel of Time. I approached this new text based world with eager delight, yet was quickly obsessed with the MUD which had captured me in its web. I met many wonderful people, forged friendships which continue to this day, and waged war against more then a few enemies- both in character and out. I was able to grow and develop my first real role play character and obtain the rank of Aes Sedai; my favorite group of individuals from the book series. However after about a year of play, all was not well. I, and so many others, languished in the small world, knowing its secrets and easily predicting the various clans' conflicts. The multitude of faults the little mud attempted to sweep beneath its collective carpet became glaring omissions every time I logged on. Soon, I simply lost interest. My character, although loved dearly, faded from the White Tower and became mostly silent.

It was a short time later that a couple of my oldest friends from that mud told me about Mirrors. I logged on that very day and have never looked back. At once I was welcomed by many old friends, each in a new 'body,' who had also grown tired of the stale little mud which had only served to cradle our emerging Wheel of Time role play. Yet I realized then, as I walked through the immense city of Tar Valon (I mean, as my 'character' walked though the city. *cough*), that this place is what all those months of game play on that other mud had prepared me for. This place, Mirrors, is the pinnacle of what the Wheel of Time mudding experience was meant to be. And thus I stayed, as a player for a few months before deciding that being a character was not enough- I felt the need to take an active role in my support for this world. Now I build zones, mobs and objects, and perhaps in time, I may extend my meager talents further.

I was born July 10th 1981 (mark it on your calendar, and PS: I prefer silver to gold) in Toronto Ontario Canada, which is where I currently reside. My passions are reading, writing, working at/playing on Mirrors, religion, martial arts, and writing and reading. Yes, I am a book addict and proud of it. My grandmother is a professional author with many titles under her name and it is my dream to one day become a professional author myself. My writing style tends to be more analytical and essay based, with a few of my non-fiction works having been published in various magazines and on the web. I plan to branch into the world of fantasy in the near future and have drafted a couple short stories, loosely preparing myself for that blessed day. Besides my obsession with reading and writing, I am a full-time student with aspirations of a career in either the education or psychological fields.

At any rate, I dearly love Mirrors and thank the creators of this grand MUD for their continued effort. They are a true inspiration, each and every one.


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