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Typo Queen (and Shower Queen too!)

I was introduced to Mirrors and all it's wonderful people in 1998 through Maxim, our head coder. I hadn't read any of the Wheel of Time books (I can hear you all gasping!), and had no idea what a MUD was, in the computer sense of the word. Max, who was then my boyfriend, was spending most of his time on this MUD, and kept telling me it would be the greatest game around. I, wanting to spend more time with him, and curious about this game (and the mysterious Shawny, who was suddenly taking up a LOT of his time) decided to check it out for myself. I was hooked. Not only to the idea of being a part of the building crew, but to the people who were so passionate about making this place as great as we all knew it could.

I hovered around for a while before trying my luck at building. I worked on the Hills of Kintara, with lots of help from both Maxim and Mouser. I have also been seen working on reducing the lengthy typo list. These days, school and work have taken up most of my time, but I do spend a lot of time on Mirrors to check in on my friends.

I currently live in Canada and am finishing up my Bachelor's degree in Accounting at Concordia University in Montreal. Max and I just recently got married, and plan to do it all over again in June of 2003! Boy I can almost hear everyone's thoughts....it's a long story. Feel free to ask if you're curious!

In my spare time, I enjoy rollerblading, reading, playing with my cats, and taking baths and showers *grin*.

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