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Script Queen

My first really yummy taste of Mirrors was a brainstorming meeting about the White Tower. A few friends of mine had immortals, and I got invited to come share my ideas and listen to what was being planned. I liked what I heard, but it wasn't until a few months later that I really jumped in. Like lots of other people on Mirrors, I came back because Kemael said it was awesome and pestered me continually until I logged on :-P It didn't take me long to get completely hooked. Ever since that first meeting, I had been pondering the idea of becoming an immortal because I was impressed with the strong emphasis on roleplay. I am a roleplay junkie! After some not so gentle prodding by Ixeon, I finally sent Shawny that fateful icq which said "Sign me up!"

I'm surrounded by cowboys and horses, big hair and barbecue. That's right: I live in Texas. I'm not a native though! God help anyone who tries to say otherwise ;-) I attend college and soon will graduate with a degree in Theatre and Dance from the University of Texas. Other than spending an enormous amount of time in front of my computer, I teach ballet, tap and jazz to kids and adults, perform around the city with my jazz dance company, and spend the fall obsessing over Longhorn football.

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