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Welcome to Mirrors of the Wheel and thank you for your interest in helping us make mirrors the best Wheel of Time themed MUD around.

Being an immortal on a mud can be a very fun and rewarding position. However, it does take work, time and organization to be a successful one. It also takes something very important, a commitment to not only the MUD but to your fellow Immortals and the numerous players who play the game.

Everyone has a different rate of work and commitment that they have, be it 5 hours a day or 20 minutes. It's not so important how much time you have but that you DO something with that time that you do have AND importantly that you enjoy what you are doing.

Here at mirrors we use a system called Oasis Online Creation, OLC for short. The basic program has been customized to fit well with our MUD. This system is very easy to learn. Each alterable 'thing', be it a room, object, mob, script, has a command. This command enters you into a menu driven editor whereby you choose the line to be edited ie the title of a room, or the keyword to an object. We usually do a walk through with you the first time and there are also webpages to use as help.

Becoming an Immortal is fairly simple but is not guaranteed. Just fill out the appropriate form found through the links on the left side of page. And we'll take a look at it and call you for a discussion

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