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The wheel of time is a wonderful series written by Robert Jordan and published by Tor Books. It now spans 8 books with the 9th one due out in November 2000. The series it is said will likely take another few books to wrap up but we are getting close to the end. Finding out the conclusion will be a blessing and a sad time for all the wheel of time addicts out there ;)

Basic summary of the Series (try not to add spoilers but some might be)

The books follow a group of young people who left their homes for various reasons, some to save their lives. As their journey progresses they encounter many people and strange lands, ancient myths and new mysteries, and an ancient enemy. The fate of the world lies solely in the hands of these young adventurers.

Wheel of Time News

I'll try to keep info posted here about anything I discover happening in conjunction with the Wheel of Time or Robert Jordan.

September 9, 2000
Winters Heart the 9th book of the series said to be due in stores by November 7th or so. This is not confirmed yet by Tor. As far as I know at this time, Robert Jordan has not yet turned in the manuscript for publishing. 

September 1, 2000
News released says that the prologue for Winters Heart will be published as an ebook and the charge will be $5.00 for around 40 pages of text. Reaction to this by the Wheel of Time community is quite negative so far.

August, 2000
Reports by  say that the rights to a role play game based on the wheel of time have been bought and we could see the game out in 2001/02

Visit wotmania.com for the best and latest wheel of time news.


Winter's Heart Cover

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