Mirrors of the Wheel Mud

The Handbook for Players

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I.  Introduction

   A. History and Geography

   B. Overview of the Game

   C. Player Accounts

II.  The Character

   A. Races

      1. Human

         a. Wetlander

         b. Aiel

         c. Sea Folk

         d. Seanchan

         e. Sharan 

      2. Ogier

      3. Trolloc

         * Fade

      4. Draghkar

   B. Special Characters

      1. Channeler

      2. Wolfbrother

      3. DreamWalker

      4. Treesingers 

   C. Clans

      1. The Clan System

      2. Homeland Clans

      3. Other Clans

      4. Secret Clans

   D. Skills

      1. Acquiring, learning, and losing skills

      2. Clan skills vs. Public skills

      3. List of a few common skills

   E. Experience and Levels

   F. Statistics, Score, and other useful information.

   G. Types of Characters

      1. Role-Playing styles

      2. Evolving a character

III. Playing the Game

   A. The  "Realistic" Environment

      1. Eating and Drinking

      2. Sleep

      3. Clothing

      4. Light

      5. Weather

   B. Equipment and Items

      1. Weapons

      2. Armor

      3. Light Sources

      4. Herbs

      5. Other Items

   C. Important Places

      1. Inns (Saving the Game)

      2. Shops

      3. Boards

      4. Post Offices

   D. Commands

      1. Using Commands

      2. Abbreviating Commands

      3. Aliasing Commands

      4. A List of Useful Commands

   E. Combat

      1. Fighting Mobs

      2. Fighting other Players

      3. Joining or Leading a Group

      4. Ranged Attacks

      5. Other Factors Affecting Combat

      6. Death




Note: Because mirrors is constantly evolving, things stated in the handbook may not always be totally up to date with what you will find on the mud. Please use this as a guide and not law. We will try to keep it as up to date as possible.

Please mail  mouser@mirrorsmud.ticktech.net , the maintainer of the Handbook with any problems or errors.

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