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Current gametime:
NE 1154 Shaldine 25 @ 6:00
Game update: 6 July 04

o (deaf) flag on who renamed to (noshout) so people understand what it means.
o History of deaths no longer adds additional newlines.
o Camping should now produce real objects, rather than lightsabers and unused
o Lights should now remove their lit value upon burning out... this includes
  the light value on characters and rooms.
o At character creation, names should only have the first letter capitalized.
o All the remaining letters will be forcibly lower-cased.
o Houses should be saving every 5 minutes now as originally intended.  Not all
  chests/houses have been recreated yet.
o Memote command added.  See help memote for details.
o You may now drop items woven of the one power without causing crashes.
o Mounts will not enter a room that is sector INSIDE anymore.  They will also
  not go through an exit flagged NOMOUNT.
o Mounts will have a much harder time throwing a rider who has mastered the
  ride skill.
o You should see a staggering message if you are becoming exhausted.
o The underline color code has been disabled so memote spoofs are less likely.
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