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NE 1154 Shaldine 24 @ 18:00
Game update: 2004 September 27 - Another great purging from the bug list.

o Deleting a character will no longer crash the mud.
o You can once again order mobs/PCs to do anything, not just assist, hit or
  kill.  However if you order them to do something while they are still in the
  process of recovering from the previous command, it will not work.  No more
  #99 order puppy kick ba'alzamon to survive meeting him. You know who you are!
o Mounts can no longer be ridden with 0% skill.  Thanks to the aiel who pointed
  this out to us.
o The rate at which footwear wears down has been slowed to about half.
o You can no longer ride your mounts across rivers just because you're carrying
  a boat in your inventory.
o You can no longer camp while riding a mount.
o Chests (as well as houses) will now save when items are placed inside the
  containers, not just when they are placed (or taken) from the room.
o Lanterns should no longer flicker and then be burned out immediately.
o Warders may be compelled by their channelers regardless of level.
o Light balls (and other items made from the one power) will no longer load
  from rent files.  Also you will be able to drop them again soon.
o When a channeler releases a shield, it will no longer leave the affect on the
  victim until the victim reaches for the source.  It will immediately vanish.
o Where will no longer show your warder (or channeler) if they are linkless.
o While riding, if two people are riding one mount and the mount decides to
  throw it's driver, both people will be thrown from the mount.
o If two people are riding one mount and one is thrown, it will no longer crash
  the mud.
o When the victim of windstorm is thrown into another room, that room is now
  notified of the victim's strange entrance.
o The weave cause headache now interferes with meditation for the victim.
o If you log off for an hour or more, you should now return with full health,
  moves, and mana (sps, channeling state, one power points, whatever).
o Delve will now cause the victim (patient?) to shiver when it is performed.
o change title will insert &&n at the end of the title if colors are used.
o You no longer need to be standing to write something.  Now you just need to
  be sitting.

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