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Current gametime:
NE 1154 Choren 23 @ 13:00
Game update: Feb 9, 2003

o Handtalk is now pass through drunken speech along with every other
  comm that we have.
o The search skill will now be more informative when searching for
  a door that doesn't exist.
o Sitting standing resting if your on an object try standing again
  and you'll step off, and walking while standing on something
  won't be happening anymore.
o You'll now get a message when you loose a follower
o Keys take care of them they will break when over used.
o Armor skill repaired it can increase once again.
o The clan log function will now work for you if you can award cp's.
o Holler will now cost its 10 mvs.
o CRASH saving follower should now work correctly.
o Blade forms require you to stand through the whole form.
o Pick and search will now be needed.
o Skills shouldn't bounce between 69 and 70% anymore.
o A new policy is in place concerning race/gender specific clothing
  Mainly, Westlanders should not wear Aiel clothing. For more
  information please see the mortal information board.
o Subdue will no longer work on mobiles unless they have been flagged
  subduable by the builders.  As of this time, there are none.
o The original 'who' command has been renamed 'cwho' (for clan who).  The
  current 'who' command for mortals will display all players online of the
  same race, and all immortals that are visible.  See mortal information
  board for more details.
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