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Current gametime:
NE 1154 Shaldine 25 @ 2:00
Game update: April 5, 2002
o The beginning stages of wolfbrothers have been implemented.  Those who
  passed their 'showtime' in the past and are wolfbrothers should see
  immediate messages after logging in, and to those who haven't shown yet,
  it will be obvious when it happens ;)  If this applies to you, please
  use the 'sense' command.

  Please send a tell or mudmail to Erica for any bugs relating to this.

o The internal MUD time has been reset to 953 NE, and time has been slowed
  to about a quarter its previous speed, so that we are in the correct
  place in the timeline.  This means both daytime and night will last longer,
  so bring your lanterns if the moon is not out!

o Color is settable on watchskills - change color
o Show-time has been lowered to a max of 5 playing days - good news
  for people with specials
o All mud times should be correct, if you find any procedures that
  seem to be taking a full tic when they should only be 1min, let
  us know. This does not include shops.
o Some behind the scenes memory leaks and crash bugs have been corrected.
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