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Current gametime:
NE 1154 Shaldine 24 @ 18:00
Game update: Dec 12, 2002
Here's a list of most of the updates since August 9th:

o New custom color for say added.  Will affect say and sayto.
o Info now reports the correct amount of clan points required for the next rank.
o Search has been more fully added.
o Assist, hit, rescue and kick all check your ride skill now before executing.
o Bash will no longer attack the character you are fighting if it cannot find
  the one you specify.
o Backstab will now improve the victim's alertness skill instead of the
o If you cannot quit, you will not dismount your horse.
o The bug which was causing the mud to disallow new characters to be created
  has been eliminated.
o Rabid wolfbrothers lose the ability to speak.
o Whispers can be overheard by those with sensitive hearing.
o Map will no longer make the mud go nuts.
o You can no longer teach channelers of the other half of the power the weaves
  you know.
o Bankers will not deal with people they cannot see anymore.
o Channeler mobs will now attack mobs that attack them as well as PCs.
o Updates will hopefully stop trying to convince us they haven't been read.
o Mobs no longer try to assist the dead.
o You can no longer do forms from horseback.
o Descriptions/trophies/etc should no longer carry over from one char in your
  account to the next.
o The polling system alerts you at login when there are new polls.
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